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Florida hosts the largest population of Bald Eagles in the contiguous US with over 2,500 nests*(documented by FWC in 2014). Eagles have made a successful recovery and were removed from the Endangered Species list in 2007. However, as the state’s human population grows, landscapes are being altered to accommodate the needs of people, forcing eagles to adapt. Eagles that typically nest in natural substrates such as pine trees are now choosing alternate structures such as cell towers for nesting and raising their young.  Other threats to eagle success include disturbance due to development, electrocutions, vehicle strikes and territorial disputes.

Audubon’s EagleWatch program was started in 1992 to help protect Florida’s eagles and guide management to ensure their success.  During Florida’s eagle season this team of citizen science volunteers collects important data on productivity, trends and potential threats to nesting success, which can be used to monitor the health of Florida’s ecosystems. These boots on the ground contribute an estimated 3,700 volunteer hours to eagle conservation each season.

We need your support.  Your contribution can make a difference in our ability to protect Florida’s eagles and important habitats where they live and thrive.

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"I’ve been in EagleWatch for 10 years now.  When I started I didn’t know there were bald eagles in Florida!  Over the last 10 years we have seen the delisting of the bald eagle and watched the population explode.  I’ve enjoyed every single eagle and all of the people that I have met through the years that share their love for eagles.  Most memorable was taking 90 year old Harry Heckmann out eagling.  It was the first time he saw a bald eagle up close.  He said it was something he would never forget.

Barbara Walker
EagleWatch Volunteer
and Pinellas County Coordinator


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