Volunteering at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary offers a variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities that provide essential support for our daily operation and special events. Volunteers play a vital role in our mission of preservation and restoration of our natural resources, conservation education, and research. Annually over 140 volunteers contribute more than 15,000 hours of their time and talents to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

Please contact our volunteer coordinator: Amy Kessler / Akessler@audubon.org / 239.348.9151 x111


  • Resource Management Specialist
    Resource management specialists serve on the front lines in the ongoing war against invasive plants. They spend their time in the field improving the quality of habitat for wildlife and improving hydrology of the watershed by removing invaders using chemical and mechanical means. They also help out with prescribed fires; local habitats have evolved and greatly benefit from fire and the resource management team uses fire as a tool.

  • Herbarium Specialist
    In order to have better land management practices, there needs to be tools in place for training new staff, volunteers, scientists, etc. in the region. One such tool is an herbarium with high quality specimens of the plants found on Panther Island. The initial focus on the collection will be to gather invasives to be used as training specimens. Over time, the focus will shift to incorporate natives. The long term goal is to document all flora that is present on Panther Island. Ideally, there will be 3-5 teams of 2-3 individuals each working together to accomplish this goal.

  • Boardwalk Naturalist
    Boardwalk Naturalists use Audubon’s conservation message and their knowledge of local flora, fauna & ecosystems to help enrich and expand the visitor experience at Corkscrew. They engage visitors through interpretation along the boardwalk, helping them sense things that they might otherwise miss, and encouraging questions. They help to patrol and enforce Sanctuary rules, boardwalk safety and maintenance, and help with any first aid or emergency situations of people on the board-walk.

  • Youth Educator
    Youth Educators will guide students on a specially constructed trail with learning stations, use provided equipment to engage students in hands-on learning activities and explore a portion of the boardwalk.

  • Photo-monitoring Specialist
    Photo-monitoring is an inexpensive (and fun!) tool that can be used to document changes in habitats over time. This is especially important on restoration sites (pre, during, and post work); these photos can be used to qualitatively support conclusions reached through more scientifically rigorous methods. Additionally, it is a great way to track the results of prescribed fires or wildfires over time. This can lead to better burn practices.

  • Nature Store Specialist
    Nature Store Specialists assist staff in the Blair Audubon Center store that carries hundreds of nature related items. They support the success of the store by pricing items, selling items, folding clothing, maintaining general neatness, and tending to merchandise displays in the Center building.

  • Corkscrew's Audubon Christmas Bird Count
    This year marks the 114th annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count  (CBC), the longest running citizen science project in the world.  The Corkscrew Count Circle area is one of over 2000 Count Circles from many countries in the western hemisphere that participate each year.
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